AGM Notes
The big news from yesterday's 3rd Annual General Meeting, held in Princeton, New Jersey, is the elimination of paid membership.

It was decided at last year's AGM, held in Philadelphia, that the Society would create two classes of membership. It would continue free membership, open to all, and paid membership (at $25 per annum). Those subscribing to the paid membership received 'free' premiums.

Robert Knott noted that the reasoning behind the paid membership -- to encourage membership growth and participation -- was not successful.

The Society has about 25 paid members, representing an ongoing core group. Another 30 or so on our e-mail alert list. About 45 separate members are listed on our fan page.

With the phasing out of the paid membership, it was agreed that preimums will be now distributed at cost, either by direct contact with individual members or by contact with the corresponding secretary at Thanks to Robert, another O'Hara-related DVD was distributed yesterday. Notice of new premiums will be posted at this website.

It was also agreed that 'field trip' to O'Hara sites will be conducted this summer, in June, in New York City. An itinerary is now being drafted, and also will be posted here. If you have and ideas about places to visit in New York, please contact the corresponding secretary.

Everyone also agreed that greater particpation, in an inter-active way, with the website needs to be encouraged.

We are also hoping to arrange for another field trip the Master's study at Pennsylvania State University, in State College.

Yesterday's AGM, attended by 11 Pals, was held at an old O'Hara haunt, the Tap Room in the Nassau Inn. Our lunched lasted almost four hours, and involved vigourous informal disccussion, as well as the heretofore business matters.

Photos to be posted.

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RGK said...

Many thanks to Richard for organizing this event. It was a great afternoon and a wonderful opportunity to meet other O'Hara fans. I will be looking forward to NYC in June!