A Hopeful

New Pal Wants to Attend AGM
I'd love to attend the Princeton gathering to talk about my favorite author with others who share my belief that he was one helluva writer and is vastly underappreciated. January weather is a bit of a hassle in this corner of the country, but it might be possible.

    Meantime: Does anybody know whether The Farmers Hotel is available as a play to be produced and staged by a theater group? I just re-read it for the umpteenth time and would love to do it with the group that I've worked with for years.
Carol Ritter Wright,
in a suburb of Rochester, New York

Editors Note: If you can help Pal Carol, do so here. Do NOT e-mail me, please.

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RGK said...


I don't think that, other than "Pal Joey," any of O'Hara's plays are available through the normal licensing agencies, but they are sometimes produced. Rather than approaching the former publisher and getting bounced from contact to contact, I would write to the Peccadillo Theater Company in NYC and ask them who they dealt with for their production of "Veronique" in 2002. The Artistic Director's name is Dan Wackerman.