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Steven Goldleaf, O'Hara Lit Critic, Joins Society

Steven Goldleaf writes, 'A student of the plain style of American fiction, I'm ever amazed that John O'Hara remains so largely unrecognized as one of its greatest practitioners. It could be argued (and I have) that he is more direct than Hemingway, less obscurely grand than Fitzgerald, less mysterious than Salinger, more substantial than Yates, more accessible than Wolff, etc., and stands atop the lovely heap of recent American plain-stylists, all in all. In particular I'm interested in his short fiction, though I agree with the argument made here that FROM THE TERRACE (and other long works) broke much new ground in merging narrative with subtle experimentation.  I think very highly of O'Hara as a careful stylist of prose, and look forward to many discussions of his work on this fine site, which is a welcome addition to O'Hara studies.

'I'm a professor of English at Pace University in lower Manhattan , and author of some criticism (including a study of O'Hara's short fiction) and some fiction as well. Here's a publicity shot of me, taken (but never used) for the non-existent dust cover of my book on O'Hara's short stories.'

(Steven Goldleaf is editor of the Pace University Press, New York).

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