An O'Hara on O'Hara

On 13 August 2009, Marty O'Hara writes:

My name is Martin E. O'Hara III and John was was my great uncle. My father (also Martin aka Big Mart or pop-pop depending upon your perspective) and my grandfather (the original Martin aka know as pop-pop) would tell me stories about John. As a child/young man I can remember sitting with my grandfather on his porch (on Norwegian street) and he would tell me stories mostly about their childhood adventures.

Recently my father has bestowed upon me all of John's books, short stories, newspaper articles, etc. This new possession has re-kindled my long forgotten interest in him (which is how I found your [John O'Hara Society] blog)....

I never knew the man [John O'Hara] personally,but from all of the time I spent in Pottsville and the time I spent with my grandfatherI can see (and feel) his experiences vividly through his writing.

I am writing to you today to say that I appreciate you keeping his memory alive and well. I understand that most of the memories he left behind overshadow his work, and it is refreshing to see a different POV.

Marty O'Hara

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