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I have been reading and collecting O'Hara for 40 years, have made
several literary pilgrimages to Pottsville, and continue to marvel at
the man's absolute mastery of speech and dialogue.

I was a working newspaper reporter, editor, and columnist for 43 years,
and have recently begun writing short stories."The Cape Cod Lighter"
in paperback was my first O'Hara book, and it hooked me immediately, so
I started searching out and buying and devouring his other works.

I wish I lived closer to Pottsville so I could take part in all of the
interesting O'Hara activities that are going on there now.When I
discovered this author,he was persona non grata in his hometown, and
I'm delighted to see that the community has finally recognized his
talent and his amazing contribution to American letters.

Carol Ritter Wright
(From a suburb of Rochester, New York)

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