Ringing O'Hara

O'Haras in Pottsville Directory

Thanks to Rick Prelinger, of Prelinger Archives, San Francisco, for sending these images! Rick writes: 'After looking at the Soiciety's blog I thought I'd send scans of copy of the 1916 Pottsville telephone directory showing John O'Hara's father listed at 606 Mahantongo. It isn't of the greatest historical significance, but it's fun. Hope to get back to Pottsville one of these days and explore further. It's been awhile.'

Again, many thanks, Rick! I've put you on the e-mail list.


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Anonymous said...

As an O'Hara fan, I enjoyed seeing the old phone directory with his father's listing. As a former resident of Lebanon,Pa, it also had some personal meaning to see that the communities were joined in the book.