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in Society, Study Says

During the past year, this website of the John O'Hara Society has received visitors from 39 countries, with the United States and the United Kingdom topping the list as the locales producing the most hits.

This is some of the information StatCounter, our statistical source for the website and its companion site,, shows.

In descending order, the following are some of the countries represented in the data:

Canada, Germany, Ireland, France, Spain, Japan, Thailand, Finland, Denmark, China, and Italy.

How did visitors come to the site? According to the data, the most common 'keywords,' directing interested parties were, in the following order:

'o'hara novels,' 'john o'hara society,' 'john o'hara,' 'john o'hara novels,' 'john o'hara club,' 'john o'hara blog,' 'dunhill gold plated lighter,' 'wylie o'hara,' 'john o'hara philadelphia,' 'writers clearinghouse press,' 'john o'hara fan club,' 'john o'hara pal joey,' @philabooks,' and the like.

Some of the more interesting hits included the following keywords:

'mere sex,' 'john o'hara still living,' 'my father came home at four o'clock one morning in the fall of 1918, and plumped down on a couch in the john' ohara,' 'date to love author john o'hara,' 'john o'hara jew,' 'erloff,' and the like. (Some others were pretty raunchy).

If you'd like more details about the continuing survey and how it's compiled, just let me know.

--- RDC

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