Votes are In

Membership Fee Enacted

The proposed annual membership fee of $25 was enacted. This was not surprising as the vote was never close, with, out of 10 votes cast, nine in favour and one opposed. (The ten represents about one-fifth of 'members' on the Society's e-mail address).

The new paid-up membership periods runs from 31 January, the Master's birth date, through 30 January of each year.

Remember, paying the membership is not required to be party to the Society's on-line discussion here or elsewhere, nor to participate in Society's activities. (The early stages of a field trip to Princeton in April or May are now in the works).

What does change is that non-paid-up members become associate members, without voting rights. Moreover, they are not entitled to O'Hara-related items distributed by the Society gratis (through the good graces of those who contribute their in-kind time and efforts) from time to time. Copies of the WVIA-FM 'O'Hara Interviews,' recorded in 1998, are now being distributed. (Sorry, because of copyright and tax reasons, these items cannot be sold separately).

Membership fees can be paid via the PenPal facility, payable to; or by cheque, payable to the John O'Hara Society.

For additional details, please contact me anytime.


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