PayPal Facility Gets OK; Membership Address Update

Philadelphia::17 February 2009

Since the last alert, I've 'test driven' the site's PayPal facility, and it's up and runnin'.

The only complicated (???) thing about the process is the need to establish a PayPal account at It's free. It's a breeze.

Payments need to be made to

Why not at our Society address? Because PayPal only allows one account per bank account. I already have another account serving my other fiduciary interests, and opening a third checking account isn't feasible.

Another matter:

In recent weeks, I needed to migrate EVERYTHING to a new computer system. For the most part, little was lost. I think. However, I fear that some member e-mail addresses didn't make the transition.

If you've been receiving e-mails from me, obviously you're in the system. But when you're in contact with other members, please ask if they, too, have been getting these messages. If not, they should send updated details to me at

Thanks, Richard

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