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From left, Robert Knott, Jenny Saliba, Richard Carreno, Robert Saliba, Joan Kane
2009 AGM Report
The Society's General Annual Meeting (AGM) was held in Philadelphia 30-31 January, 2009. Attending were members Robert Saliba, Jenny Saliba, Robert Knott, Joan T. Kane, and Richard Carreno. Two sessions were held, a Friday evening meeting at the Pen and Pencil Club and a Saturday breakfast gathering at Pete's Cafe, across the street from the Warwick Hotel.

Thanks to Robert Saliba, we had a lively, wide-ranging discussion of Appointment in Samarra, complemented by Robert's annotation in a Companion manual.

In business, the following was agreed to unanimously:
  • * That an annual membership fee of $25 be established, based on majority opinion of current members. Details regarding this referendum follow.

  • * That membership be divided between associate members (non-subscribed) and full members (subscribed).

  • * That only subscribed members will be entitled to voting on Society affairs.

  • * That subscribed members will receive Society materials produced during the subscription year (1 January-31 December) FREE of charge and FREE of mailing and handling.

  • * That these materials -- such as audio CD's, video DVD's, and written monographs -- be made available only to subscribed members.

  • * That members and others be encouraged to donate financially to the Society to defray costs that are not covered by membership dues.

  • * That a business annual lunch be held each year, near the time of the Master's birth on 31 January, replacing the formal Annual General Meeting (AGM).

  • * That interaction with the John O'Hara Society website be open to ALL, regardless of membership status.

  • * That members be pro-active in establishing and supervising programme activities, such as field trips and the like, and be encouraged undertake good works on behalf on the Society at reduced cost, or no cost, such as transferring tapes, etc.

  • * That members who undertake valuable service to the Society be awarded a Pal Joey Honour in recognition of this service.

  • * That members be encouraged to recruit new members and that they observe interaction on an all-membership basis by interfacing with the Society's response facility at its website.
Respectfully submitted, Richard Carreno, Corresponding Secretary

2 February 2009, Philadelphia

* All members are strongly urged to voice their opinions regarding the dues question. To vote, please send an e-mail to the with either 'Yes' (in favour of the fee) or 'No' (against the fee) in the subject line. Please feel free to discuss the other points voted upon at the AGM. Please, only one vote per member.

* For INFORMATIONAL purposes, poll on this topic will be posted at the website. This poll's tally will NOT affect the official voting.
-- RDC

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