Digital II: O'Hara and The New Yorker

It's All in There

If you're a subscriber to The New Yorker, there's a new way to endulge your taste for the Master's short stories -- the ones published in the magazine, at least.

Well, up to a point. By registering, any New Yorker subscriber gets immediate ditigal access to all the pages to the masgazine -- up to a point.

That point is 2001. Before that date, it's abstracts only. So, yes, you can explore O'Hara's works in the magazines. But if you want to read them in their entirity, you still need to find an original magazine, in which the piece was published, or still get the full set of ditigal discs of the magazine. (Still, about $100).

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Anonymous said...

Not so. Every page of every issue back to 1925 is now online and available to subscribers; non-subscribers can buy online access to single issues. They explain it here: You can also get a digital copy of the new issue each Monday morning; info on a free trial is here: