Comments, Notes, & Pix
I've added a link to the Pen and Pencil Club. If you have any questions re the AGM, contact me, or go to P&P site, right, double click.

I've tried to link the O'Hara Study site at PSU's Special Collections -- but no luck. Will keep on trunkin'.

Re visit to O'Hara study, no date has been set. Your input is requested. Sometime in October, people have suggested. We need to find a date when PSU is NOT footballing, which I am advised is most of the time. Bulla! Bulla!

Including pix here of current Pen and Pencil Club in Latimer Street. Former clubhouse was in 17th Street, and reason that Press Parking is STILL available. No one at City Hall apparently got the word that the P&P has moved. By a marvellous coincidence, the old P&P was located adjacent to the new Lansdowne House, which used to house the Yale Club. I suppose the Squire used to show up there -- but as a GUEST, of course. He WAS a member of the Racquet Club, just across the street.

Contact us at John.OHara.Society@comcast.net, or by telephone at +(00)1:267:253:1086. We're always looking for contributors. Join the conversation!

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