New York Nixes O'Hara
Tom Wolfe, in a tribute to the Clay Flelker, who died last week, has the following observation regarding John O'Hara and New York in the magazine's 14 July 2008 number:

'The Trib [The New York Herald-Tribune] had recruited its most famous literary alumnus, John O'Hara, who certainly didn't need the work, to do a column for New York once a month. His first contribution was so sloppy, not to mention surly, it was obvious that he dashed the thing off during some quick fit of pique or other. [Editor Sheldon] Zalaznick rejected it, and O'Hara piqued into just as quick a fit and quit -- to the profound consternation of the Trib's advertising department. They were using O'Hara's name as their lure for the renovated Sunday edition. Right away I could see this was a very different sort of Sunday supplement. I was good enough to write for it, but John O'Hara wasn't.'

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