New O'Hara Film?

Don't Make an 'Appointment' -- Yet

From Richard Rabicoff, re McDonald comments:

Thanks so much for mentioning the upcoming film of Appointment. I had no idea this was in the offing and I am cautiously ecstatic. Caveat: they are pitching it as the "American Beauty of its day."

I have searched the net and found scraps of information. Here's a gem of a quote from a 2007 interview with the director, Bob Benton (

Robert Benton: The script exists and we are now in the midst of beginning the casting process. I'm a huge John O'Hara fan. He is a greater short story writer than a novelist—his novels sometimes get big and overblown—but he's a beautiful writer. He writes behavior extraordinarily well. The prose is simple and clean. There's nothing there that's not necessary. There's not a lie. Imagine Kissing Pete, which is a novella more than a short story, is arguably one of the great works of the latter 20th century. There was a time when I wanted to do a movie of that. It's the most utterly depressing story in the world, except for the last two minutes but you couldn't get anyone to sit for two hours for the last two minutes. His work is not generous but there's an enormous amount of internal voice in Appointment at Samarra and how do you make a movie in which love, even great love, is not enough? But something happened and I found a door into it.

Box Office Mojo: What is the theme?

Robert Benton: Sometimes, love is not enough, no matter how much you love somebody. It's just not enough—love's not always going to save your life. It's just not. It is about the failure of love. I've never done that.

Box Office Mojo: What's the status of the movie?

Robert Benton: It's a Lakeshore project and I've met with several actresses for [playing] Caroline. We're talking to one actor for [the male lead].

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