Returns of the Day

Birthday Greetings

Robert Saliba reports:
Last night I was re-reading to my wife passages from A Rage to Live only to discover that yesterday was Grace Caldwell Tate's birthday: April 29, 1883.

Excerpts read were: New Year's Eve 1899, the first meeting between Grace and Roger Bannon, Grace's wedding, Sidney's errands on the day of his 10th wedding anniversary - the barber, the jeweler and the harness maker, Roger's speech to the auxillary and the later fling with Grace, the parade in Fort Penn when the soldiers go off to war.

The critics focused too much on Grace's adultery. They paid little attention to the incredible descriptive social history.

Looking forward to visitng Pottsville this spring/summer. We should line up a date soon.

Robert Saliba
Morristown, New Jersey

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