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From James MacDonald:
Paul Reuben, of Perspectives on American Literature, has just added John O'Hara to his index of authors. The only thing is, he's included him in the Theatre section. (I guess because I told him I work in Drama). Anyway, Reuben also invited me to write an entry, and I will do, but it may take some time. So if any other Society member wants to do it, the invitation applies generally, I'm sure.

Editor: Contact James via for details.

O'Hara Abroad

Within the week, I will be in Montreal and at Mt. Tremblay on various writing assignments, not any, among them, unfortunately, related to O'Hara. As many of you know, I like to follow in O'Hara's footsteps when I am away from Philadelphia, and have done so in Los Angeles, New York, London, and, of course, in Pottsville. Canada isn't on the itinerary.

From what I can tell, O'Hara wasn't particularly well travelled. His overseas trips only included France, England, and Bermuda, if I'm not mistaken. (Interestingly, Ireland was a big gap in this small line-up). Can anyone improve upon the list?

July in Pottsville

To those who have asked, and to those who have waited patiently in silence, I still don't have any additional word regarding the July 17 and July 18 Pottsville event. The highlight of the occasion will be a performance of 'Short Stories by O'Hara' by the Schuylkill Actor's Guild. If anyone has further details, please alert me ASAP. I plan on contacting Erica Ramos, an organizer of the event, this week, hoping for more info.

-- Richard Carreño

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