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From Robert Knott in Jersey City, New Jersey:

I am an O'Hara fan from New York City, now living in Jersey City, New Jersey. I am delighted there is a John O'Hara Society and an on-line forum of other devotees.
I became interested in O'Hara through my more general curiosity as to why so many once-popular and/or noted authors fade into the literary background. I might have explored this question further had I pursued an academic career. As it is, I did manage, with the assistance of a very indulgent professor, to devote a good portion of my senior year at Kenyon College to an independent study of O'Hara's work, tearing through one book after another, taking two field trips to Pottsville, and developing a genuine enthusiasm along the way.
I am always interested in hearing from other JOH enthusiasts and in learning their impressions of the man and his work.

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