First Annual Meeting

O'Hara @ the Movies


The Society's First Annual Meeting will be held at 7 p.m., Thursday, 15 February, at the Pen & Pencil Club, 1552 Latimer Street, Centre City. (+215.731.9909).

The meeting's theme -- but by no means limited to this -- will be 'O'Hara in Hollywood.' (I'll be positing some discussion points soon.) The meeting is open to all, Society members, as well as friends. If you're not already a Pen & Pencil Club member, you will be a guest, per club rules. As such, please identify yourself as my guest when Dan, the barman, greets you at the door. (Cash bar. Bar menu available).

Business to consider:

  • Should there be a Second Annual Meeting? If so, when?
  • If there is no further official business, Cheers!
If you have books, ephemera, and/or memorabilia that you want to swap, bring them along. If you have items you want to sell, bring a list, or post your offerings on the Society's website/blog (

About the Pen & Pencil
The Pen & Pencil Club is an association of journalists based in Philadelphia. It is the oldest continuously operating press club in America, and the second oldest in the world.
It was founded in 1892, by reporters and editors at the city's seven morning and six evening newspapers by combining the Stylus Club, the Journalist Club of Philadelphia and the Reporters Club. Under its bylaws, the club is controlled by the working press.
According to its Web site, "The club has seen many well-known faces in its history. President William Howard Taft once engaged in bar banter at the P&P until 5 a.m., after giving his bodyguards the slip. George M. Cohan felt at home here. So did past members Red Smith and Damon Runyon."
And, John O'Hara, of course.
There's no need to respond. Just show up. But if you have questions, or queries, contact me at +215.563.6779, or, of course, via

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