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Search is Afoot

I'll be in Los Angeles -- leaving Thursday -- for a fortnight, or so, and I'm about to do something I've never done before in LA -- search out O'Hara-related sites. Odd, this, because I've done the OHara 'tour' in New York, Princeton, London, and, of course, in Philadelphia.

Anyway, here's hoping -- given this new venue for communication -- that we can share and exchange details regarding O'Hara West Coast turf. (Which reminds me. Who said, 'LA is superficial. Once you stratch off the surface tinsel, there's even more tinsel beneath'?) I digress.

Here's my site list so far.

570 North Rossmore Avenue, Hollywood. (Finis Farr, in his bio, got this as 370 Rossmore!)
14300 Sunset Boulevard, Pacific Palisades. (Farr got this as 143000!)
Garden of Allah. (Where was it on Sunset?)
10735 Ohio Avenue, West LA.
471 1/2 Lanfair.
542 Midvale Avenue, Westwood.

Paramount, Marathon Street.
Lucy's Restaurant, Melrose.
Melrose Grotto.
Beverly [sic] Derby
Perino's Restaurant
Westside Tennis Club
Midwick Country Club (re polo).

I'm sure most, if not all, 'haunts' are closed. Residences? We'll see.

If you've done the 'tour' yourself, or if you have any hints for me (including sites I should add), please contact me via JohnOHaraSociety@yahoo.co.uk, or simply, post your note to this entry.

Will be downloading pix. Stay tuned.

Richard Carreño

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