@philabooks Web Catalog 5 (MMVI)

Catalog No. 5
January 2006

Happy New Year!

philadelphia + los angeles
desde 1999

A Catalog Update from Richard Carreño,
Editorial Director:

Dear Reader,
Revisions to the @philabooks website
(philabooks.blogspot.com) are under way. Please
refer to this site for our new catalog.
> Because we primarily deal in specialised areas
> of literary interest, new, specific search
> categories will soon be linked on our Home
> Page. These links include special listings for
> titles by and about John O'Hara and by and
> about The Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

Meantime, continue to refer to our Home Page
> for General Fiction and Non-Fiction, as well as
> for specific title areas such as Travel,
> Equestrianism, and The New Yorker. Autographed
> books and autographs are also listed on the
> Home Page.
> New categories also feature original New Yorker
> covers ($5.00 each/five for $20.00, P&H) from
> the 1980's, 1990's, etc. (These are
> individually plastic wrapped, ready for
> framing). See our website for some examples.
> Also now featured are Brooks Brothers fashion
> catalogs from the last 20 years. These are
> individually priced, starting at $5.00.
> Upcoming will be listings for vintage foreign
> coins and currency.
> As before, you can also browse our
> half.com/ebay shop for a comprehensive
> inventory of general titles and in specialised
> areas such as Cookery, Biography, Children's
> Literature, Equestrianism, and Royalty.
> Any specific enquiries should be directed to
> philabooks@yahoo.com or to +(00)1.215.563.6779
> (EST).
> Yours faithfully,
> Richard Carreño
> Editorial Director
> @philabooks+booksellers
> @philabooks, PLEASE REPLY TO
> philabooks@yahoo.com, INSERTING 'REMOVE' IN THE

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