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Major Alert

Tribute to JO'H

100th Anniversary Tribute will be held from 1 November to 5 November!

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of John O'Hara with dinner theatre dramatization and dance at the Schuylkill Country Club, Pottsville, PA. (My God, is this a reprise of Appointment in Samarra, or what? You decide). Admission for dinner theatre is $36. Ring Schuylkill County for the Arts at 570.622.2788 for details.

Philly members: Please contact me for details re lodging and transportation at +1.215.563.6779, or via I will arrange accomodations and a special tour of O'Hara sites. (Pottsville is a great visit in its own right, by the way. Molly Maguires, etc.).

If you missed 'O'Hara ... the softer side' in June, this November event is a must. In June the SCCA presented a O'Hara Film Festival, a luncheon reading, and JO'H's induction to the SCCA's Hall of Fame.

Be there!


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