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In an April 28, 1923 letter to his close friend Robert Simonds, the eighteen-year old John O'Hara wrote:

...... I've often expressed a desire to write things - and still do -

I read Robert Benchley's criticisms of the drama in Life" and while he writes in a semi-cynical, - sarcastic, - satirical vein, he nevertheless has helped my limited vocabulary immensely. For example, I can't recall ever having seen the word "protagonist" before, yet he used it last week and I knew what he meant.

As to the drinking part, I'm going to continue to get drunk as much as I can ...

"When I get to college" I want to rate a good national social, a drinking club, a minor varsity letter, varsity play, and "The Lit." I would also like to be a political boss. There's a peculiar attraction in politics for me.

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